New Kindle Book has Zooming Sales

The new Kindle book, Risk Literacy by M.J. Milner has had a steady increase in sales since its publication in February. This book is loaded with investment advice, trader insights and the exact tradings details of what occurred last August in 2015 during the first real correction since 2008. During this correction the market churned as much as 1400 points in a single day and by the end of August over 2 Trillion dollars had vanished leaving investors stunned. The DOW did not recover until December and then took another plunge in February of 2016. Currently the market is at record highs,18,400- and is trading on very thin volumes. The book’s insights are very applicable to any new correction as the one in February was very similar to August’s.

At the value price of only $2.99 this book offers an excellent overview of Risk Literacy, trading volatile markets and understanding the surges in a “new normal” correction. Available on Amazon and other fine ebook retailers. Easily read on a smart phone or computer by downloading the free apps. Feel free to Review it on the site you purchase it from!

Thank You,

M.J. Milner


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