How to become middle class in 8 years, and stay there.

For the sake of argument let’s stipulate that being middle class is having a net worth of $68,000. Getting there may seem impossible if you don’t expect an inheritance and have even a small amount of credit card debt. All is not lost. Keep it simple. Here is a plan. If you are like most […]

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Abandoning the Big Box CEO and Their Bonuses- An Investment Oppor-tunity

By M.J. Milner You don’t have to be a genius to spot the latest, economic ┬átrend that is shifting┬áthe American economy. Retail is making a generational shift that is unprecedented. Salaries will go up as big businesses abandon the “big box” model. Retail businesses are going to become “localized” and labor costs will have to […]

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Teach Your Children How To Lose Money!

by M.J.Milner Understand what your goal is for the money that you intend to leave as part of your estate. When is a good time to instruct a teenager about the use of a rifle? How do you begin a course of instruction that might change a person’s life? Over time most adults have learned […]

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Spotting Horizon Risk

by M.J. Milner Most people have a number of mechanisms to avoid being constantly distracted by risks that probably don’t apply to their daily lives. The ritual of work importantly focuses upon an alarming array of blinders that create structures producing methods of certainty. After any reasonable amount of time a level of numbing mastery […]

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New Kindle Book has Zooming Sales

The new Kindle book, Risk Literacy by M.J. Milner has had a steady increase in sales since its publication in February. This book is loaded with investment advice, trader insights and the exact tradings details of what occurred last August in 2015 during the first real correction since 2008. During this correction the market churned […]

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